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Finding Your Identity: Adoption

Midlife is complicated as it is, with all its aspects. But what if suddenly you’re faced with the reality that your long lost biological family reaches out to you after so long?

Cat Powell is a listener of the show who reached out to me because she wanted to share her story and raise awareness of the work there still is to be done with adoption laws and regulations. Cat’s story is amazing and I hope it helps you in your specific context.

Cat is a Portland, Oregon based artist and writer with work that has been exhibited in several galleries up and down the west coast.

In addition, she’s been featured in art and literary publications like Jam Magazine and Five:2:One. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences as a Korean American woman and mother, Cat shares her journey in her own visual love language for others to explore, celebrate with, and connect.

Her latest artwork, “Church,” an illustration about believing in one’s self, was recently published in the digital magazine, Artfest. You can follow Cat on her personal Instagram page @GoddingCat and also her doodle page @RayetheCat.





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