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Loved this book by @adacalhoun and this episode. This book nails the genX, female, mid-life experience better than anything I have ever read! This episode was a great conversation about mid-life and the expectations genX women had placed on them at a young age. I love that you covered many perspectives, single, married, kids, no kids, financial, career, etc. 

— @pmackintheville

This episode had me pausing a few times as these gifts of validation and revelations kept dropping and I had to let them process. Thank you, thank you, thank you Doryn and @adacalhoun for this awesome conversation.

— @mzginags

I just finished listening to your podcast with Amy and it was INCREDIBLE! I am so proud of you and the content was beyond helpful. Actually felt like a lifeline being dangled out there for me. You are truly an inspiration for women with your honesty, transparency and desire to help others.

— Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, and for being 100% yourself!

— TaraMoney

Always look forward to a new show - it is informative and entertaining - have to keep my notepad close by since I’m writing the great info down

— MollyMo1005

Finished the parenting one (so good!) I still have a little left of this, but I’m literally nodding along to everything you say and feel like you might have a window into my soul! Lol!

— @carrie.shope

Listened to several episodes of It’s Not A Crisis while driving to the Hamptons today. It is SUCH A FANTASTIC podcast. You have some legit guests and love all the topics and how authentic you are.

— Anonymous

Love your podcast, it feels like I belong to a secret society of women LOL that I never knew existed and are out to conquer the world in this new season and it will be amazing...LOL.

— Anonymous

Relevant topics, sincere host, and enjoyable to listen to.

— pnwislandlife

Hi, I just discovered your podcasts. Absolutely loved the identity, Self worth one from July. Exactly what I needed to listen to. I’m in my 40s just got laid off from being on furlough for 6 months. Used this time to discover who I am...started to develop my own business. Thank you

— Anonymous

Your podcasts have given me life this week! I have binged on a few and I can’t stop talking to my husband about how I finally feel seen, heard and marginally less crazy! THANK YOU 

— Anonymous

I’m turning 40 in a few months & feeling all the feelings and asking all the questions you’re addressing on this brilliant podcast! This needs to be part of every middle aged lady’s toolbox. Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience as well as bringing pertinent info from the professionals to our ears.

— TrishDavison


Yes, this is so needed for women like me in their 40’s with hard to handle teens and the many stresses of careers that still haven’t bloomed and all that goes along with this group of women. I would love to hear a podcast on mothers who have teenage boys who don’t want to listen to their moms and are causing them a crisis. I’m right there and my guess is there are a ton of them out there. Ladies love this and keep putting out the content! Much love, GP

— gieno78


I enjoy this podcast. It offers perspective and resources in a relaxed manner, which is really nice. I’m interested to see where this podcast takes me.

— Gfinn524


Getting older isn't easy, and no one prepares you for all the challenges that you’ll face. It’s nice to listen to people going through similar things and who you can relate to.

— crazyblondeone

I found this podcast over a month ago as I was looking for something geared towards women in their 40’s. LOVE IT! The guests have been spot on and informational. It’s like listening to a group of your friends.

— Hlw0620


Love to have a podcast targeting this stage of life. Super relatable. Not young, not old, so much living and adventure left to do! Thanks for helping women get or stay unstuck!

— xlove33


I am in my early 40’s and have felt kind of “lost”. Listening to the wide variety of guests discuss everything from beauty to how to start a business has really helped me realize my 40’s are truly just the beginning!

— RobinM23


I think I finally found something that makes me feel like I am not the only one going through all these exciting new emotions. Looking forward to the next topics!

— alinem2


I just listened to one of your podcasts and I felt very seen. Thank you for giving a voice to this space in time for other sage women.

— @lightworkartistry


Finally a podcast for that interesting time frame in your late 30-40s. Love the relevant topics and the realness. Check it out!

— rachelhopk83


It’s Not a Crisis is the PERFECT podcast for anyone in their late 30s or 40s. Doryn truly tells it like it is and reminds us that we aren’t alone! This podcast is like hanging out with your friends and just getting down to the good stuff!! Doryn is also hysterical and her sense of humor will make you smile no matter what! Highly recommend!

— RBSteach

I came across this podcast on Instagram and as a 37 year old woman I am blown away! I feel like I’m listening to women who understand while glimpsing into what other changes to expect on the coming decades. I truly enjoyed the episode about purpose and how to navigate the “rebirth at midlife” with Dr. Robinson. Such a great show!

— Spacystar


As a woman of 45 it’s great to listen to a podcast I can relate to. Helpful tips and information

— Jackie_Ann


I happened upon your instagram and immediately was curious. I looked through every IG post and subscribed to the podcast at once! AFter 40, I have come to realize so many things. This is definitely a time for rediscovery and we need all the help we can get. Every topic has been relevant and I can’t wait for the next one!

— micielo66

Came across this podcast by chance and staying forever!! Doryn just makes every subject seem so simple and so relatable. I feel she is just asking her guests all the questions I have in my head. It's so great to find a podcast for women our age. Many of the popular out there are for really young girls, which is great for them but, you know...we’ve been there, done that.

— Naty Casas


Wowowow!! Doryn your voice sounds perfect for these things and you have such good stories to tell!

— hmrizzo


Nobody warned me that my 40s were going to be so emotionally weird! My kids are getting older so I’m figuring out how to let them grow up and not rely on me...perimenopause is REAL...I feel like I’m figuring out how to be a real personal again and episode 5 was exactly what I needed to hear 

— KMolch4


I love the positivity of this podcast and topics covered. This is such an interesting life stage. It‘s like getting together with your girlfriends for Happy Hour and realizing you are not the junky one that is having those what am I going to do with the rest of my life feelings!! This is just a new chapter.

— MplsMiss




YOU are wonderful!! And so good at this!! I enjoyed it so much. Invite me back!! 

 Annie Potts

That was a great interview today! I so enjoyed talking with you; you made it so relaxing and fun to do. It’s no wonder you’ve been so successful at it! I appreciate the opportunity to participate in such a high quality podcast. 

 Lindsay Gibson, PsyD
Author of "Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents"

So enjoyed our conversation. Nice vibe back and forth -- and we covered a lot of ground. Nicely done.

 Lee S. Cohen, M.D. 
Director, Ammon-Pinizzotto Center for Women's Mental Health 

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Doryn is like your insightful and smart best friend, who always asks the really important questions. Our discussion was authentic, natural and flowing. I forgot I was speaking to thousands of people, and was able to focus on sharing the best tips and insights from my work. We received a lot of inquiries after the show and felt it was a wonderful platform for our company. This opportunity allowed us to connect with an audience in a personal way that you just can’t do with traditional outreach. 

— Dawn Nadeau
Serial Entrepreneur
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Doryn is giving voice to so many things people are thinking, feeling, and wrestling with right now.  During my interview, I felt like I was talking with an old friend.  We instantly connected over all things midlife. The podcast world is lucky to have her voice and passion!

— Mazi Robinson, MS, LPC, CPCS, NCC; Certified Daring Way Facilitator
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