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Hosted by Doryn Wallach, It's Not A Crisis is a podcast for women in their late 30s and 40s who are navigating the joys and challenges of this crazy and infrequently discussed time of life and learning to make it positive! 


With each episode, Doryn invites a different expert to join her in offering their best advice. Topics will include positive thinking, hormone health, sexual health, growing with your partner, style, tweens/teen advice, small business advice, dating after divorce, finding yourself, beauty and much more! Listeners can expect empathy, sharp insights, and plenty of totally honest (maybe even embarrassing) revelations.


“It’s easy to feel suddenly lost in this decade,” says Doryn. “We’re not young, but we’re definitely not old either. This is a podcast where we’ll figure it out together.”


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We are in our late 30s and 40s and there is no one listening. My hope is that I help you (and me) to understand how to navigate this time in our life so that we can live a happier second chapter with positivity and excitement!


I hope that with past work/life experiences and being a woman in my early 40s, I can bring you something that is easy to listen to and most importantly informative in a fun and positive way!


Please reach out via email or social media. I love hearing from you!



Doryn is an award-winning fine jewelry designer and former interior designer, social worker, radio show host and lifestyle blogger. Feeling lost in her 40s, she started reaching out to her network of friends — including experts in beauty, health, parenting, fashion, business and more — to help find her path. Her podcast “It’s Not a Crisis” was born when Doryn realized that her search for answers could help other women navigate their journeys as well.


Doryn holds an AA  in interior design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and a BA in human services, counseling and sociology from Simmons College. She also studied social work at at NYU.  


Doryn lives in New York with her husband, teenage daughter and tween-age son.

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