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Doryn & Friends with Juliet Hahn

I have started a new series called "Doryn & Friends"! Many of you have requested to hear from real women, real stories and real experiences in our 40s.I’m joined by a new friend of mine, Juliet Hahn.

I met Juliet on Clubhouse and we had instant chemistry. You are really going to laugh with this one! Juliet inspired a whole episode on our show, with Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, by sending me this YouTube video should show you what you're in for.

I was also a guest on her podcast recently and we had an amazing time together

This episode is a bit different, because it was a free-flowing conversation, but I am sure that if you tune in and listen, you will definitely have a lot of fun and learn something too.

Juliet is a health and fitness coach and she helps women beyond just their health and fitness. She now offers a workshop called Your Next Stop that empowers people to find their creative passion and turn it into a business. She also has her own podcast, called Your Next Stop

Your Next Stop Workshop is a compact course that can be completed in one week! Juliet will help you follow your creative passion and turn it into a money making business. She will share what she has learned on her journey through this interactive workshop. She will get you thinking, creating, working hard and holding yourself accountable. Find out more here:

You can find more about Juliet on her website, or using her handle @iamjuliethahn or on Clubhouse @fulfilling.





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