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Let's Talk About Sex - with Celeste & Danielle

What a way to kick off our new season with a HOT topic! I am thrilled to be joined today by Celeste Hirschman and Danielle Harel.

Sex is an important part of life but it can sometimes be tricky to keep things fresh when you reach a certain point. Celeste & Danielle are here to talk to us all about communication, relationships, sex and specific things you can do to work on these aspects in your relationships.

Celeste & Danielle are sex therapists, who believe there is no right way to be sexual or have a relationship. They created the Somatica Method of Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching that is experiential, practical, and effective. Sexual expression and communication skills can be learned and we offer step by step experiential practices so you can incorporate these new skills into your life.

You can find Celeste & Danielle at, where you can learn more about what they do, as well as find their books and work with them. Also, if you are interested in becoming a sex therapist, you can find more information on their website.





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