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Finding Yourself & Growing With Your Partner

I am joined by Veronica Cisneros, marriage and family therapist for an incredible episode.

Together, we discuss how learning more about ourselves and our desire to be in control as women can help us also how to prevent conflict and divorce in our marriages the longer we are in them.

This is not just an episode for married women, we also tackle how to make yourself a priority when you have spent years putting everyone first.

Veronica is a licensed therapist specialized in women and couples. She is the founder of Empowered and Unapologetic, a community that helps women create the best version of themselves and thus saving their marriage.

No woman should ever have to suffer in silence or hit rock bottom before she decides to live differently.

You can find more about Veronica on her website, She also hosts a podcast and can be found everywhere on social media @empoweredandunapologetic and on Clubhouse @empoweredvero




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