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ADHD In Women Over 40 with Diann Wingert

I am joined by Diann Wingert where we discuss ADHD after 40 in female entrepreneurs and beyond. You will LOVE Diann! We discuss the impact of ADHD on women of our generation, the gifts that come with ADHD and also the issues that it presents.

Diann is a trained psychotherapist, an expert on ADHD in women but also a coach and entrepreneur. Her goal is to help others who have ADHD like herself to become more successful in life and work, believe in themselves and unlock their true potential for radical results.

During her 20-year career as a licensed psychotherapist, she worked with hundreds of ambitious women who struggled with habits and mindsets that held them back.

After realizing that psychotherapy was not the answer, Diann trained and certified as a coach in order to shift the conversation from problems to possibilities. Her jam is helping the driven but distracted woman eliminate procrastination, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, so she can level up her business and life. She is an expert in ADHD in adult women and the link between ADHD and entrepreneurship.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

ADHD 2.0 by Ned Hallowell -

Tune in to listen to her podcast, The Driven Woman Podcast -





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