Doryn's Personal Experience with PMDD & Perimenopause - Part One


Doryn Wallach
Doryn Wallach

In part one of this personal journey, Doryn opens up about her lifetime battle with hormones. She explains perimenopause, her battle with PPD & PMDD and her experience dealing with doctors, medication, psychiatrists as well as explaining what perimenopause is. In later shows, she will be bringing in experts on this subject to cover all areas. 

Part Two of this segment will go into her PMDD journey and more of what that is...

You are not alone! There are many of us that go through the same issues and suffer silently. Each experience is unique. While Doryn is not an expert, she shares her own particular experience in the hopes that you will be able to apply some aspects to your life and help to seek support. 

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Some useful information that is shared in this episode:

Metformin/Glumetza (ask your doctor if it's an option for you if your periods are irregular.)

Flo App -

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