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Marriage Lessons Learned with Kim and Penn Holderness

I am beyond excited to be joined by Kim & Penn Holderness in this episode on marriage and lessons they have learned.

Why should you listen to them talk about marriage?. Because they are REAL, they don't pretend to be experts, they have put the time in and are still doing the work.

I have listened to every one of their podcasts and seen most of their silly YouTube videos and I just adore them and you will too if you don't already.

In this episode they discuss what they have learned, how they have gotten through their ups and downs, Kim's anxiety and OCD and Penn’s ADHD, the ‘I love you’ finger, pet peeves, communication and many more stories from their journey as a family.

We also discuss their new book, Everybody Fights (which you should run to get or get the AUDIBLE because it's pretty much a super long podcast they way they do it and it's GREAT.)

In 2013, Penn and Kim hit publish on “XMAS Jammies” – a seemingly innocent video Christmas Card intended for their immediate family. Overnight, their video went viral on YouTube and they’ve been making goofy videos with their family ever since.

Their family also continues to be one of the most sought-after content creators for family brands. Today, they own their own company, Holderness Family Productions, where Kim is Chief Executive Officer and Penn is Chief Creative Officer.

As well as creating content for their channels, they also work alongside brands and agencies to shape product launches and marketing campaigns. Their book about improving communication in a marriage was released March 30, 2021.

You can find them at and you can get their book at

This episode will be available on April 10, 2021.





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