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Childfree and Guilt-Free with Marcia Drut-Davis

There’s a lot of stigma around women deciding to not have children and it’s a pity that society still can’t get out of this mentality.

My guest is a pioneer and advocate for women who decide to take that path and she reassures women that this choice is valid, correct and should be guilt-free.

Marcia Drut-Davis came into the spotlight when she appeared on a “60 minutes” interview in 1974, where she talked about how she had decided to not have or raise children.

The interview sparked controversy that cost Marcia her teaching job of ten years, but ultimately fueled her drive to open a dialogue and the minds of people towards childfree life.

Marcia was 6 when she first thought about being childfree for the rest of her life. She wrote her memoir Confessions of a Childless Woman, where she looks back and shares what led her to make that choice and if looking back she has any regrets.

She has and continues to live a wonderfully rich life, without raising any children of her own, and offers her resources to people who want to live the same way.

You can find Marcia @childfree_guru, email her at and check out her website





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